User Experience Technique in Computer Digital Arts Production: Paper Prototyping Used as Material to Define Intentionality

Capítulo de livro publicado para os anais do evento HCI – International 2014, produzido por Marília Bergamo.


This papers aims to describe the historical introduction of paper prototyping techniques into interface development, what they basically consist of, and how such techniques can be applied on the development of Computer Digital Arts. With some examples applied on Digital Arts graduation courses at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, this technique has proven to help the development of the artist’s intentionality, rather than blocking creativity. It helped students to focus on important concepts that needed to be transmitted by interaction, while usability made the piece friendly where it needed to be friendly. Thus, young art students have been acting in a traditional way when experimenting with materials, not only physically and visually, but also with the interactive environment that should be considered as material in Computer Digital Arts.

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