Sun setting over Knobby Clubrush

A plant is not simple. When we look at one, we only see a fraction in its meaning and its importance. A plant is a living organism and a complex system, and not a motionless structure or a decoration piece of furniture. Its complexity evolved in a different scale from human beings, and it also feels the time that triggers its internal circadian clock. Slowly it grows and reacts to the changes of the environment, resisting to maintain its structure and order. If it needs to change, it will grow that change, it will not run, it will not avoid the situation, it will develop a solution while staying in the same place. In its complexion, each leaf, each steam will die, nobody will tell them to die, they will die because they must die so life can go on. As the behaviour remains, each replacement part is programmed to continue its cycles. When the sun is setting over it, the entire assemblage feels the environment changing, and as so, it receives this light, the wind, and in its time and cycle, it will change. Each part will understand each other to organize themselves. It is a robotic composition as a work of art.

Marilia Bergamo, July 2021